Idiom:  take issue with someone/something


Idiom:  take issue with someone/something

  • to disagree with someone or something

Example sentences

— take issue with fanatics who disrupt events.

— We take issue with the extra charges on this bill and want to speak with the manager.

— Our delegation takes issue with amendment A and proposes the following wording instead.

— We take issue with your conclusion that Millennial's are too lazy to vote.

— Did anyone take issue with the proposal?

— Why didn't you take issue with this earlier when we could have addressed the matter?

— My parents took issue with my video gaming until they saw how much money I was earning on YouTube.

— The reason I took issue with him as a moderator is that he kept interrupting the speakers and the people asking questions.

— We certainly take issue with your argument that healthcare is not a fundamental right. 


  • call in question
  • be out of tune with
  • split over something
  • quarrel with someone
  • part company
  • protest against
  • frown at
  • part company

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