Idiom:  take for granted


Idiom:  take (something/someone) for granted

  1. Not appreciate someone or something
  2. Assume something is real, true or will happen automatically

Example sentences

Not appreciate someone or something meaning:

— After I became sick, I never took my health for granted ever again.

— Don’t take your most loyal fans for granted or your singing career will not last very long.

— When I lived in Florida, I took the sunny weather for granted. The London fog is very difficult for my mental health.

— So you took your girlfriend for granted and she's left you. It's a hard lesson but one you'll hopefully remember for the future.

— Don't ever take your parents for granted. You'll never have such unconditional support.

— I took for granted that my parents would always be there but they both passed away when I was in my early twenties.

— As you write in your gratitude journal, you will start to notice things you regularly take for granted such as clean water from the tap, electricity, good roads, etc.

Assume something is real, true or will happen automatically:

— My husband takes for granted that I'll always be able to take care of the kids but I am not starting to demand time for myself too.

— Your boss takes for granted you can work overtime when he needs you. That's going to become a problem if you don't address it soon.

— Please don't tell me you just took for granted that the new receptionist had experience with big events. We're always supposed to check employment references.

— I think the world took for granted that Trump would follow some political norms if actually elected president.

— We took it for granted that emailing the gym manager to stop our membership was enough but we actually had to send the notice in writing to the main office.

— Don't take it for granted that the homeowner knows everything about the house. Get a good home inspector.


  • count on
  • rely on
  • take something as given
  • bank on

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