Idiom:  take advantage (of someone/something)


idiom:  take advantage (of something or someone)

  1. to use an opportunity get or achieve something
  2. to exploit a weakness to obtain or achieve something
  3. to unfairly get something by persuasion

Example sentences

— My roommate takes advantage of my dislike for conflict and eats a lot of my food in the refrigerator because she knows I won't confront her about it.

— I really hate it when companies try to take advantage of elderly people by selling them worthless remedies and devices for their health.

— It was very painful to recognize that my own sister took advantage of me by using me just for free room and board, rather than looking for a job as she promised.

— Your company is taking advantage of the fact that you live two blocks from the office to make you work way more overtime compared to your colleagues.

— We're going to New York in August so we can take advantage of the back to school sales.

— Living in Washington DC is great because we can take advantage of all of the free museums and concerts.

— I wanted to live in this particular building so I could take advantage of the fitness center, stores and restaurants that are in walking distance instead of having to drive and park everywhere.

— When are you going to realize that your "friends" are just taking advantage of you because you have a car?

— I took advantage of the great weather and just relaxed outside by the pool the entire weekend.


Make unfair demands/exploit meaning:

  • prey on
  • impose on
  • treat unfairly
  • step on

Make good use of an opportunity meaning:

  • capitalize on
  • make use of
  • put to good use
  • make the most of

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