Idiom:  take a dim view


Idiom:  take a dim view

  • to not approve or have a low opinion of something/someone
  • to see something/someone negatively

Example sentences

  • College admission officers normally take a dim view of students who don’t list many extra-curricular activities on their applications.
  • My mom takes a dim view of my acting aspirations.
  • Sorry to take a dim view of this project but the contractor was awful to work with last time.
  • Don't be discouraged—Steven always takes a dim view of everything.
  • President Trump takes a very dim view of the mainstream media calling them fake and stupid, among other insults.
  • Don't take such a dim view on the situation or you'll guarantee the result you're trying to avoid.
  • I really appreciate your support especially since the committee took such a dim view of my proposal.
  • The reason that so many employees are taking a dim view of online training is that courses are often poorly designed, boring and include far too much material.

  • My father takes a dim view of some of my friends simply because they have tongue piercings and tattoos.


  • frown on
  • have a problem with
  • take issue with
  • harbor suspicion
  • have one's doubts
  • call in question
  • harbor suspicion
  • have qualms
  • find fault with
  • look down on

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