Idiom:  tag along (with someone)


Phrasal Verb / idiom:  tag along (with someone)

  • to follow someone from one place to another
  • to go somewhere with someone, especially without being needed or invited

Example sentences

— I wish her husband wouldn’t tag along with us—next time let’s officially call it “girls night out.”

— My five-year-old always wants to tag along with his older sister and today, when she refused, he was heartbroken.

— I love my dogs but I get tired of them tagging along with me every I go from one room to the other.

— Hurry, let's go. I don't want Michael tagging along with us for lunch today. He's so boring.

— Your brother is so cool. I know he doesn't like us tagging along with him but he tolerates it most of the time.

— Let me guess. Your wife's going to tag along with us because she doesn't trust you.

— I would never let my mother-in-law tag along with my husband and I. She's too opinionated and bossy and it makes everything awkward.

— I'd love to go on holiday with you but I get the vibe that your boyfriend doesn't want me tagging along.

— Go home. You're not tagging along with us today.

— It's embarrassing to watch Sharon try to tag along with the Executive Director. 

— I know mom asked you to tag along to see if we're smoking. If you tell her, I'll tell Mike you have a crush on him.


  • go along with
  • go around for the ride
  • be a third wheel

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