Idiom:  stand a chance


Idiom:  stand a chance (of doing something)

  • to have the possibility for something to happen or be successful

Example sentences

— I’m sorry to say that you don’t stand a chance of becoming a professional basketball player because you're too short.

— Do you think I stand a chance of becoming president one day?

— Do you think we stand a chance of getting the government contract

— Unfortunately, you don't stand a chance of getting into this club unless you're a celebrity or look like a model.

— I went through three rounds of interviews so I thought I stood a chance of getting the position but I found out they already had decided to give it to an internal candidate.

— No one thought we stood a chance of developing this technology but we knew we could do it and it's going to have a major impact for people with paralysis.

— Be honest with me—do I stand a chance of being selected for the team?

— Everyone told me I didn't stand a chance of catching my train but I'm glad I came to the station because it was delayed 45 minutes.

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