Idiom:  speak the same language


Idiom:  speak the same language

  • to share the same beliefs, ideas and opinions

Example sentences

  • I hate going to family reunions because my relatives don't speak the same language and everyone constantly argues with each other.
  • Despite different backgrounds, most people actually speak the same language about the basic things they want in life.
  • My roommates and I don't speak the same language and I'm tired of cleaning up after them and living in a pigsty.
  • Our company lacks the leadership to help us all speak the same language.
  • My husband and I spoke the same language until we had kids and now we constantly fight about how to raise them.
  • It would help if our department spoke the same language.
  • As a facilitator, my job is to help you and your colleagues to improve communication to help you all speak the same language.


  • see eye to eye
  • be on the same page
  • sing from the same songsheet

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