Idiom:  seal someone's fate


Idiom:  seal someone's (something's) fate

  • something that makes a decision for someone or something

Note:  This is usually an unwanted outcome.

Example sentences

— My terrible grades have sealed my fate—I'll have to join the military.

— Eating poorly and drinking heavily sealed my dad's fate and he died at age 50. 

— I feel like whatever graduate school I get into is going to seal my life's fate.

— The  jury said that witness' statements that she saw the defendant climbing out of Mr. Jones' window was what sealed his fate and led to his conviction.

— Last minute allegations of sexual assault sealed the politician's fate.

— Your lack of remorse is what sealed your fate—you're grounded and can't use the internet for the next two months.

— Climate change and global warming are real and the commitment of the world's largest countries to reducing admissions will seal the fate of the rest of the world.

— Panel interviews are the worst—any one of the interviewers who don't like you can seal your fate.

— The discovery of ancient remains sealed the new building's fate. They will now build a historical site rather than condominium apartments.

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