Idiom:  scare someone to death


Idiom:  scare someone to death

  • to really frighten someone

Example sentences

— My husband’s drinking every single night is really scaring our kids to death.

— Your little brother loves to sneak up behind me and scare me to death!

— Please slow down—you're driving so fast it's scaring us to death.

— I was just reading about the symptoms of heart disease and it's really scaring me to death.  I think I better make an appointment with my doctor.

— My children are on the diving team and watching them compete really scares me to death.

— Please don't mention what happened to our last assistant. We don't want to scare the applicants to death.

— Our son's ex-girlfriend was scaring him to death every day with hundreds of calls and text messages, so he finally had to get a restraining order.

— My credit card debt is scaring me to death.  I need to find a job soon.

— That movie scared me to death!

— When I told my wife something happened at work I scared her to death and she thought I’d lost my job.

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