Idiom:  Save something for a rainy day


Idiom:  save something for a rainy day

  • keep something for a future time when it will be needed

Example sentences

— I got a gift card for my birthday but I’m not going to use it now, I’m saving it for a rainy day.

— My parents want me to save $100 from every paycheck for a rainy day but that's almost half my salary since I only work part-time. 

— Any financial adviser will tell you that you should save six months' worth of your income for a rainy day.

— I know we don't have much room downstairs but let's try to save these extra party favors for a rainy day.

— Here is a check for $5,000 but don't spend a penny of it. Deposit it into your savings account to save for a rainy day.

— I'd rather not spend the entire budget on the holiday party. Let's save some of the funds for a rainy day.

— I'm really glad I saved my tax refund for a rainy day otherwise I wouldn't be able to afford these car repairs.

— My husband is furious with me because he just found out that I spent $2,500 of our savings that he had saved for a rainy day.

— I've never really had any financial problems because my parents taught me from a young age how to budget and save for a rainy day.


  • sock away
  • put in the bank
  • set something aside

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