Idiom:  run in the family


Idiom:  run in the family

  • something (e.g., quality, behavior) that is common in a family

Example sentences

  • Good looks run in that family, at least among the girls.
  • The doctor ordered some tests because breast cancer runs in my family.
  • Everyone was surprised that I have red hair and blue eyes because dark hair and eyes run in my family.
  • Unfortunately, diabetes runs in my family so I'm extra careful about what I eat.
  • My son's teacher asked whether mental illness runs in our family and she wants to meet us tomorrow evening to discuss this.
  • Athleticism really runs in our family—almost all of us have played sports at the college level.
  • It's important that you fill out this form carefully so that we know what diseases may run in your family.
  • Wow, your daughter is getting married to one of the Salazar brothers?  Good looks, above-average intelligence and extreme kindness runs in that family.

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