Idiom:  ruffle someone's feathers


Idiom:  ruffle someone's feathers

  • to make someone upset or bothered

Example sentences

— When I go to a party and talk to other guys, it always ruffles my boyfriend's feathers.

— Don't laugh and giggle really loudly around my dad or you'll ruffle his feathers

— My seven-year-old son really ruffled my grandmother's feathers when he corrected her about her age in front of everyone.

— Every single time you drink too much you ruffle someone's feathers.  This event is really important—maybe you shouldn't drink anything tonight.

— You're definitely going to ruffle the director's feathers if you make him travel in coach rather than business class.

— We don't have the budget but we agreed to have a cocktail party after the event because we didn't want to ruffle our client's feathers.

— Asking my boss about whether or not we are going to get a bonus this year really ruffled his feathers.

— Where should we seat my uncle at the dinner? He always ruffles people's feathers so we need to think about this carefully.


  • step/tread on someone's toes
  • rub the wrong way
  • get on one's nerves
  • drive up the wall
  • get under one's skin

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