Idiom:  rise to the occasion


Idiom:  rise to the occasion

  • to successfully handle a difficult situation

Example sentences

  • She’s a good tennis player but she never rises to the occasion at the grand slam tournaments.
  • I was very impressed with how you rose to the occasion today and chaired the meeting during the director’s absence.
  • Our neighbor's son always rises to the occasion and shovels the snow off our driveway after we have snowstorms.
  • One of my proudest moments was rising to the occasion by scoring the winning basket at our high school basketball championship game.
  • We didn't have insurance but our daughter rose to the occasion and paid my wife's medical bills after she had a stroke.
  • The leader urged the private sector to rise to the occasion and help rebuild the city after the devastating hurricane.
  • We need a leader who will rise to the occasion not a pathetic president who blames the citizens after natural disasters.
  • When the girls got lost in the woods, the older sister rose to the occasion and used her camping skills to survive the long night.
  • Champions always find a way to rise to the occasion.


  • reach the top
  • pull something off
  • hit the mark
  • scrape through
  • make the grade
  • make it
  • swing it

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