Idiom:  put on a brave face


Idiom:  put on a brave face

  • to pretend or act brave or confident in a situation where one doesn't feel that way
  • to deal with a difficult situation cheerfully

Example sentences

— Our company is doing so badly I think everyone will lose their jobs but I'm putting on a brave face for my team.

— My children are putting on a brave face while I'm being treated for cancer but I know they are very worried. 

— You don't have to put on a brave face just because you're an adult—it's okay to cry and express your emotions.

— I could tell my husband was putting on a brave face when the police officer began to arrest him for driving without his license.

— Why don't you stay over here and give yourself a minute or two to collect your feelings. It's better if you can put on a brave face when we talk to your daughter.

— I tried to put on a brave face but it was impossible and I started crying uncontrollably in front of the entire staff.

— I know you were concerned but you really put on a brave face at the press conference. I'm impressed how well you handled all those questions in the middle of this crisis.


  • put on a brave front

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