Idiom:  pack one’s bags


Idiom:  pack one’s bags

  • to permanently leave or go away from a place

Example sentences

  • If your roommates never clean up, eat all your food and make a lot of noise, maybe it would be better if you packed your bags.
  • When I was 15 years old, I threatened to run away and I was shocked when my parents told me to go ahead and pack my bags
  • I told my husband to pack his bags when I discovered he been having an affair with someone at the office.
  • If your husband ever hits you again pack your bags and run to a shelter.
  • My boyfriend and I got into a huge fight and finally I just decided to pack my bags.
  • In my rush to pack my bags, I forgot to take some of my clothes and my laptop and now my old roommate won’t let me back in the apartment.
  • Let’s pack our bags. We’re not wanted here!


  • walk out on / run out on (someone)
  • kiss (someone / something) goodbye
  • take a walk

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