Idiom:  own up (to something/someone)


Idiom:  own up (to something/someone)

  • admit you are wrong or you did something wrong
  • to tell the truth about something

Example sentences

— If you had just owned up to taking the car it wouldn’t have been a huge problem but you lied and blamed your sister.

— Ugh—I’ve got to own up to my boss that I didn’t check all the facts in the report.

— Just own up to it. I was right and you were wrong, as usual.

— My dad will never own up when he's wrong. It's so annoying.

— Will you ever own up to me about the missing $100? I know you took it.

— I hated owning up to my teacher that I cheated on the quiz but I couldn't lie when she confronted me.

— I'm sorry. I want to own up for my mistake.

— Well, Sandy just owned up to using my Chanel makeup. I guess at least she told the truth.

— Shouldn't you own up to Beth and tell her that you love her?

— You can't seem to own up to your feelings that you don't love him and want a divorce.


  • fess up
  • eat your words
  • eat crow
  • make a clean breast of something

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