Idiom:  open up


Idiom:  open up

  • to speak honestly and freely about something personal
  • to express one's emotions freely

Example sentences

— My sister opened up and told me she’s very unhappy in her marriage.

— Everyone cried when the speaker opened up and told us how he lost his daughter to cancer.

— She's an excellent counselor with a talent for helping her patients to open up and express their emotions.

— It's not always easy for people to open up about problems in their sex lives.

— I want you to feel comfortable opening up to me about what's bothering you.

— After I opened up to my boyfriend about my concerns about his drinking he got defensive and yelled at me.

— We find that providing comfort dogs helps victims of abuse open up and discuss what has happened to them.

— If you can't open up to me at least speak with a counselor about what's bothering you.

— It was very difficult for my brother to open up so we finally told him we already knew he was gay and that we fully accepted him.


  • make no secret about something
  • get something off your chest
  • get something out of your system
  • to pour out
  • to give vent to

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