Idiom:  one of those days


Idiom:  one of those days

  • a bad or difficult day

Example sentences

  • It’s not a good time to talk to her; she’s having one of those days.
  • My son got in another fight at school and on my way to get him I got in a car accident—it's just been one of those days
  • Sorry, but I'm going to have to cancel lunch. It's just one of those days today.
  • I was going to ask my girlfriend to help me with my paper but her roommate just warned me that she's having one of those days.
  • We don't invite Sandra out to happy hour anymore. She always seems to be having one of those days and her constant complaining is a really annoying.
  • Could I possibly leave an hour early today? My husband is having one of those days at the office and I would like to make a special dinner and clean the house before he gets home.
  • Please call the temp agency and ask them to send over a clerical worker. It's just one of those days and we need some extra support.
  • My son apologizes for not being here. He just had one of those days at school and two of his teachers assigned extra homework.
  • The doctor will be with you shortly.  We really regret the delay but it's been one of those days.


  • not one's day

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