Idiom:  once and for all


Idiom:  once and for all

  • finally and completely

Example sentences

— After doing crash diets during my entire 20s, I lost the weight once and for all when I started to eat sensibly.

— I’m happy to say that your grandfather and I got together today and settled our differences once and for all.

— This is ridiculous. It's time for you to pay off your credit cards once and for all.

— We broke up once and for all last January and I haven't seen or heard from her since.

— Let's agree to disagree once and for all. I'm tired of arguing about this subject.

— I finished school once and for all after getting my master's degree. There will be no doctorate I'm afraid.

— Once and for all you need to tell your mother to stop telling me how to raise the kids.

— We've left the city once and for all and are now living in the suburbs where it's safe and peaceful.

— Let's vote President Trump out of office once and for all!

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