Idiom:  on your own


Idiom:  on your own

  1. not having support from others
  2. alone

Example sentences

— When I turned 21, my parents told me I was on my own but I’m glad because now I’m self-sufficient.

— You can stay out late every night if you want when you’re on your own.

— I don’t like driving on my own at night so now I’m in a carpool.

— If you don't want to follow our rules then go live on your own.

— Surprisingly, life was easier when my husband passed away and I was on my own.

— I never thought I'd be on my own at age 48 but here I am.

— She's always had a boyfriend because she's afraid of being on her own but that's also the reason none of them have wanted to marry her.

— My boss said I was on my own if I wanted to move into the marketing department so I'm taking evening classes at the community college to improve my chances.

— I actually love Spring Break when everyone leaves the dorm and I'm on my own.

— Sorry, if you're planning on skipping school tomorrow you're on your own.


  • all (by) yourself

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