Idiom:  on the wagon

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Idiom:  on the wagon

  • stopping and not doing an undesirable habit (this term is often used to describe people who have problems with drinking alcoholic beverages)

Note:  Please see the opposite idiomoff the wagon—to learn more about this idiom and what a wagon is.

Example sentences

  • We’re all relieved my son is finally on the wagon and hope he can stay on it.
  • I’m back on the wagon after getting arrested for drunk driving—it helped me finally realize I have a serious problem.
  • Attending Alcoholics Anonymous daily has kept me on the wagon for 32,322 days.
  • I wish I could go with you to happy hour but I'm on the wagon again.
  • I asked my husband for a gym membership and personal training for my birthday so I'm back on the wagon and exercising three times a week.
  • Our coach makes us all pledge to be on the wagon during football season.
  • After indulging in sweets during Christmas I'm back on the wagon and already feel better after limiting sugar for several days.
  • In my darkest days I never thought I'd be back on the wagon but today I feel amazing.
  • The only time I've been on the wagon as an adult was when I was in prison or rehab.


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