Idiom:  on the outs


Idiom:  on the outs

  • not friendly
  • no longer communicating

Example sentences

  • The director and my boss are on the outs so it’s really uncomfortable for me.
  • Are you on the outs with your mom again or can I ask her to babysit this weekend?
  • My roommate and his girlfriend are on the outs so he wants to go out drinking tonight.
  • Let me guess. You and your husband are on the outs again.
  • Every day my secretary and I are on the outs about something. This situation has to change and soon.
  • I'm tired of being on the outs with my parents and miss them a lot.
  • Sorry I can't ask my friend Carol to help you with the party because we're on the outs.
  • Sandy and I were best friends for a decade but have been on the outs since high school when she started calling me "whale," "Miss Piggy" and other names behind my back.
  • My dad and uncle are on the outs because of their political differences about Trump.


  • have a falling out
  • not on speaking terms
  • on bad terms

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