Idiom:  on the off chance


Idiom:  on the off chance

  • in the unlikely possibility

Example sentences

— On the off chance you get home before I do, can you please order us a pizza for dinner?

— I'm bringing my bathing suit with me on my business trip on the off chance I find time for a quick swim.

— On the off chance you see Sylvia at the meeting, please ask her to call me.

— Let's go down to the front row. We may be able to get an autograph on the off chance he walks by the side of the court.

— On the off chance they have any breakfast left, please get me a cinnamon and raisin bagel.

— The weather is looking great but on the off chance it does rain, we have reserved a room indoors as well.

— I know you normally work Friday's but on the off chance you can get someone to work for you, I've got tickets to the Dodgers game.

— On the off chance you're going to the supply room, we need some highlighter pens and paper clips.

— Do you have any balsamic vinegar I can borrow on the off chance?


  • outside chance

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