Idiom:  on end


Idiom:  on end

  • continuously for a period of time (e.g., hours, days, weeks, years)

Example sentences

— When you're deployed in the military you can be away from your family for months on end.

— Working in retail was awful for my health because I had to stand for hours on end

— Our baby has been crying all night for weeks on end and my wife and I haven't had any sleep.

— I've been going to that dry cleaners for years on end so I was shocked to see they had closed without any warning.

— This summer has been amazing. We've had 80 degree weather and blue skies for weeks on end.

— I've been spending $20 everyday eating out for weeks on end and I really need to go grocery stopping .

— My parents have been nagging me to do my college applications for months on end.

— You've been complaining about your job for months on end. Just quit already!


  • without end

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