Idiom:  of one’s own making


Idiom:  of one’s own making

  • something caused by one’s own actions

Example sentences

— Yes, your boss is a tyrant but the things that led to your dismissal were of your own making.

— I like individual sports like running because if I lose or win it’s entirely of my own making.

— Your problems are not due to your coach being strict—they're of your own making.

— You didn't start working on your paper until 8 pm last night so this is a disaster of your own making.

— Once I understood most of my difficulties were of my own making, it was easy to turn my life around.

— Don't try to blame this on anyone else. This situation is of your own making.

— Our bank increased our APR to 29% but the predicament was of our own making when we paid several bills late.

— We knew there were many ways to raise funding and the success of the project would be of our own making not because of a foundation grant.

— I don't care if your friends also cheated. This situation is of your own making and no one else's.

— The problems my sister has with her dog are of her own making because she made no effort to train him to behave.


  • up to someone
  • in someone's hands

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