Idiom:  of late


Idiom:  of late

  • lately
  • recently

Example sentences

— I’ve been going to bed really early of late and I feel so much better.

— Of late, I haven’t traveled very much so I’ve been able to go to my son’s baseball games.

— Have you seen Dr. Johnson of late? He hasn't been at church the past few weeks.

— We started eating vegetarian meals on the weekends of late.

— It's amazing that my son has been doing his homework without being asked of late.

— My husband has been having severe heartburn of late so he's not eating spicy food or raw onions anymore.

— The polls have showed the incumbent ahead of late with two months before the election.

— Of late I've been feeling very depressed so I'm going to start seeing a psychiatrist.

— We have been working out of late at the gym 3-4 times a week.

— The weather has been so cold, windy and even snowy of late. Climate change is really happening.


  • just now
  • the other day
  • not long ago
  • a short time ago

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