Idiom:  of course


Idiom:  of course

  1. used to answer "yes"
  2. used to politely give permission
  3. used to say that something is obvious or not surprising

Example sentences

  • A:  Grandma, could I have another cookie?  B: Of course, my dear.
  • A:  Would you mind if I take a short nap?  B:  Of course not.
  • Of course you can stay with us whenever you come to town.
  • Of course we can drive you to the airport Saturday morning.
  • Of course you don't need to ask to use me as an employment reference. I'll be happy to give you an excellent review.
  • Of course my girlfriend would call as soon as the game started.
  • So, I saw my ex-boyfriend at the mall and of course his new girlfriend looks a lot like me.
  • Well, of course he'd start playing well once we traded him to another team.
  • I forgot to bring my umbrella so of course it's going to rain this afternoon.


used to give permission:

  • be my guest
  • by all means
  • help yourself
  • feel free
  • go right ahead

used to say something is not surprising:

  • sure enough
  • it figures
  • What do you expect?
  • I might have guessed

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