Idiom:  no chance


Idiom:  no chance / not (have) a chance

  • not having any possibility

Example sentences

— I wish that man would stop asking because there’s no chance I’ll ever go on a date with him.

— I guess there's no chance we'll get there on time.

— "Is there anyway you can lend me $50?" "Not a chance, sorry."

— I tried my best but I didn't have a chance against the more experienced player.

— There's no chance you're going to get an extension on your paper because the professor is very strict about deadlines.

— We don't have a chance of getting to the hospital in time so pull the car over—I'm having this baby right now.

— Everyone told me I had no chance of making a living as an artist but I've had several successful shows and my paintings are selling very well.

— I thought there was no chance Trump would be elected President.

— A:  Is there any chance I could use the car? B: Son, there's no chance until you get your driver's license. Your driving permit doesn't allow you to drive alone.


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