Idiom:  near and dear to someone


Idiom:  near and dear to someone

  • something or someone that is very special to someone

Example sentences

— It may not look important but this dirty old stuffed bear is very near and dear to me.

— When you get older you’ll learn that it’s your family and a few good friends—not your 500 Facebook acquaintances—that will be near and dear to you.

— This charity is near and dear to me since my father died of cancer.

— I wore this dress on the first date with my husband so it's near and dear to me.

— I'm sorry but all of this stuff cannot be near and dear to you!

— Our dog was near and dear to my family. That's why his picture is everywhere.

— This old sweater is near and dear to me.

— This little dirty rag is near and dear to my two-year-old son. He likes to rub it against his nose while sucking his thumb.

— These photos of my grandmother will always be near and dear to me.

— That restaurant on the corner is near and dear to us. We've been eating there for more than 30 years.


  • close / dear / near to someone's heart
  • be / mean the world to someone

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