Idiom:  middle of the road


Idiom:  middle of the road

  • not controversial, moderate, liked by most people

Example sentences

  • My youngest daughter never does anything middle of the road so I'm not surprised you were shocked when you met her.
  • I really need to get back to New York City where there's some excitement; living in the suburbs is so middle of the road.
  • People around here are very middle of the road so you might get some funny looks at your nose ring.

  • If you're looking for a more middle of the road phone, I'd recommend this Samsung model over here.
  • My fiance's friends and family are very middle of the road and can't understand why a woman would want to lift weights.

  • I used to be middle of the road politically until I went away to college and was exposed to other perspectives.
  • I think we should try an advertising campaign that's a bit more middle of the road this time and that way we can compare results to see what's the best approach with this audience.


  • run of the mill
  • neutral territory
  • straddling the fence

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