Idiom:  mark up something


Idiom:  mark up something (mark something up)

  1. to raise the price of something
  2. to make corrections or changes to a document

Example sentences

— These are not real sales. They simply mark up the price, cross it off and write in something lower that they call the “sale” price.

— After the sale, these prices will be marked up by 25%.

— I'm sorry but we had to mark up our prices because of President Trump's trade war with China.

— Occasionally, we mark up our espresso drink prices when the cost of coffee or milk increases.

— I’ve marked up this report with my changes so please try to make the corrections in the next few hours.

— Many businesses employing non-skilled workers had to mark up some of their services after the government raised the minimum wage.

— Who marked up these changes in the report? There's no explanation in the comments.

— Please have Stella Ward mark up the brochure before it goes to the printer.

— The bill has to be marked up in committee before it's brought to the floor for a vote.

— Could you please mark up the chapter tomorrow so we can send it to the client Friday?


Increase the price

  • raise up
  • jack up
  • slap on
  • tack on

Make corrections or changes

  • go over
  • look over
  • clean up
  • glance over

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