Idiom:  make up


Idiom:  make up

  • to become friendly after an argument or dispute

Example sentences

— I’m really happy my best friend and I made up after our argument—I really felt lonely and sad the past week.

— I’m definitely not going to make up with my girlfriend again after what she did this time.

— The best part of arguing is when it's over and you kiss and make up.

— It may have taken two years, but I'm so glad my parents have finally made up.

— Aren't you tired of this family feud?  Just apologize first and I'm certain Uncle Joe will also apologize because I know he wants to make up.

— How many times have we made up and then had the same argument? I'm tired of this relationship.

— Fortunately, Sara and Joe made up at the party last night so we can all keep our reservation for the beach house next weekend.

— You're very forgiving. I'd never make up with someone who'd argue with my grandmother.

— Please tell me they didn't make up again! It's only a matter of time before they have another blowout argument.

— I'm really sorry for not keeping your secret.  I was wrong and I can only hope some day you'll want to make up and forgive me.


  • bury the hatchet
  • let bygones be bygones
  • make peace with someone
  • extend an olive branch

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