Idiom:  make up for something


Idiom:  make up for something

  • to take the place of something else, especially to correct an earlier problem or mistake
  • to offset

Example sentences

— I’m really sorry I can’t be there for your birthday. I will make up for it by taking you out to dinner this weekend.

— My husband got me a new puppy to make up for accidentally killing my goldfish.

— I won't return to work after I have this baby because nothing will make up for not seeing my daughter take her first steps walking or hearing her say her first words.

— The printer said he would refund us 50% of the charges to make up for the brochure being delivered so late.

— The hotel manager upgraded us to a one-bedroom suite the last four nights of our honeymoon to make up for the plumbing problem in our first room.

— She's not a great public speaker but her leadership skills make up for it.

— The restaurant's décor isn't amazing but the food really makes up for it.

— Seeing the play from the best seats really makes up for the price of the tickets.


  • atone for
  • make amends for 
  • compensate for
  • make reparation for
  • balance out

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