Idiom:  make over (someone/something)


Idiom:  make over someone/something (make someone/something over)

  • to improve the way someone or something looks

Example sentences

— They made me over at the shopping mall today and I ended up spending $250 on cosmetics that I don’t need.

— I love watching the home improvement shows when they make over apartments on a $2,000 budget.

— After I lost 70 pounds, I had to completely make over my wardrobe.

— I absolutely loved how the made over my makeup but I don't have the time to create this look every morning.

— We'll make over the room with a fresh coat of paint and new carpeting before you move in.

— We'll need three days to make over the gym for our winter wonderland party theme.

— I really hated how my hair, makeup and wardrobe were made over so it was really awkward to have it televised in front of a live audience.

— I've been wearing my hair in a ponytail for years so my stylist is going to make over my hairstyle before I start my new job next month.

— Wow, it must've cost a fortune to completely make over your basement!


  • fix up
  • deck out
  • doll up
  • spruce up

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