Idiom:  make it


Idiom:  make it

  1. to be successful
  2. to go to an event or place

Example sentences

  • When my first book proposal was accepted by a publisher, I knew I’d made it as a writer.
  • Although I never made it as a solo artist, I had a great career as a backup singer to many of the world's greatest pop stars.
  • Don't worry about this loss. Keep putting in the work and you're definitely going to make it to the pros.
  • I thought I'd made it when I was accepted to MIT but I really struggled to pass my classes.
  • We knew you'd make it as a gymnast ever since you started doing back flips off the sofa when you were four.
  • Can you make it to my party Saturday?
  • We finally made it to the train station five minutes before departure.
  • I'm really sorry I couldn't make it to your game last night. I had to take my dog to the vet.
  • Don't worry.  I will make it to your wedding even if I have to quit my job.
  • I appreciate all of the effort you took to make it here today.  It means a lot.


  • pull off
  • break into
  • make the grade

  • show up
  • show your face
  • turn up

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