Idiom:  make good on something


Idiom:  make good on something

  1. to keep a promise
  2. to do what you say you’re going to do

Example sentences

— Thankfully, my sponsors all made good on their pledges of support for my 10k race.

— Sorry, I can’t join you tonight—my mom made good on her threat to not let me use the car unless I cleaned my room.

— I really hope you make good and pay me back the money next month.

— Don't worry, Sheila always makes good on whatever she says.

— I really would insist on a contract.  Too many customers do not make good on their orders.

— Our son didn't make good on his promise to study last semester but we can see he's doing everything he can to earn back our trust.

— If everyone makes good on their financial commitments to the project we will have reached 90% of the funding required.

— Six months ago, our supervisor said we'd get a bonus if we reached our target but she hasn't made good on her word yet.

— We've been married 25 years and I'm grateful my husband has made good on his vow to support me in sickness and health.


  • hold to
  • stick to
  • deliver the goods
  • come up with the goods
  • keep one's word

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