Idiom:  make do


Idiom:  make do (with something)

  • to use the things that you have even though it is not what you want or need

Example sentences

— The photocopier jammed so we will just have to make do with the copies that we have.

— I’m sorry the salad doesn’t have much cheese—I had to make do with what was left.

— When I dropped my iPhone and cracked the screen my parents were not sympathetic and said I'd have to make do or get a job to buy a new one.

— It's not easy being a single mother but somehow my sister manages to make do.

— I've run out of money so I'll just have to make do with what's in the cupboard until payday.

— My wife wants to take out a loan to remodel our kitchen but I'd rather make do until we can afford it.

— We tried to make do with just one car but now that our kids have after school activities it's no longer feasible.

— Can't you just wear different accessories and make do with the dress you wore to the last dance?


  • get by

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