Idiom:  make a name for oneself


Idiom:  make a name for oneself

  • to become famous and known for doing something important or well

Example sentences

— One day I am going to make a name for myself by finding a cure for cancer.

— My grandfather made a name for himself growing the most beautiful orchids and roses and giving them to patients in hospitals and nursing homes.

— Our twins have made a name for themselves with their specialty cake business.

— I want to make a name for myself on Instagram as an "influencer" so I'm building my followers up with several campaigns.

— I didn't know I'd end up making a name for myself just by creating 20-minute workouts but I have and it's a dream job.

— Thanks to YouTube my boyfriend is making a name for himself as a gamer.

— Multi-talented Jennifer Lopez has made a name for herself in singing, dancing and acting.

— Our family made a name for itself in the restaurant business. We're currently operating a chain of 25 restaurants in Florida.

— In just two months at the firm I've made a name for myself in sales. 


  • make it big
  • go far / move up in the world
  • steal the limelight
  • make a splash
  • put someone on the map
  • become a household name

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