Idiom:  make a mental note


Idiom:  make a mental note

  • to make an effort to remember something you don’t write down on paper

Example sentences

  • You might want to make a mental note for the future that we also offer free delivery.
  • I made a mental note to pick up my dry cleaning on my way home tonight.
  • Please write this down. Every time you make a mental note you forget.
  • I used to try to make a mental note of things but now I just make voice memos on my phone.
  • Sorry I forgot to call. I made a mental note but still forgot.
  • I could tell my husband was making mental notes as my little brother was talking about his bitcoin setup.
  • Let's try to make mental notes about her recording studio setup. It's fantastic.
  • They don't allow cameras or cell phones so make as many mental notes as you can.
  • While we were being robbed I was making mental notes about the thief and the car he drove.


  • take note
  • commit to memory

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