Idiom:  made for each other


Idiom:  made for each other

  1. a perfect match
  2. things that go very well together

Example sentences

— Mmm, I think bread and cheese are made for each other.

— Even though your mom and dad are very different they are definitely made for each other.

— I want to introduce you to a girl I met last night—I really think you’re made for each other.

— The director and his secretary are made for each other:  they're both miserable people.

— I thought my boyfriend and I were made for each other but he fell in love with my roommate instead.

— He thanked his caddy in his victory speech, saying they're made for each other as a team.

— Gross.  How can anyone think that peanut butter and avocado are made for each other?

— You should get this blouse to go with your plaid skirt. They're made for each other.

— Nobody thinks they're made for each other by looking at them because he's a quadriplegic. It just shows how superficial and limited our views are.


  • Mr. Right / Ms. Right

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