Idiom:  love someone to death


Idiom:  love someone to death

  • to care for someone (something) very strongly

Example sentences

— loved my boyfriend to death but he didn’t love me the same way so I had to stop dating him.

— love my students to death so when they're struggling I do everything I can think of to try to help them.

— It was difficult for us to kick our son out of the house because we love him to death but he refuses to stop doing drugs and we have other children at home. 

— If you really love your children to death, you need to start disciplining them rather than trying to be their best friend.

— To you he was "just" a dog but I he was family to me and I loved him to death.

— My grandfather died the day after my grandmother—he literally loved her to death and didn't want to live without her.

— I loved my car to death but I had to sell it once I moved to New York City.

— Thanks for always supporting me. I love you to death!

— I'm sorry if this is a personal question but if you loved your ex-husband to death why did you get a divorce?

— When I was a child, I loved this teddy bear to death and could never go to sleep without it.


  • be crazy about someone
  • be smitten with someone
  • carry a torch for someone

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