Idiom:  lose one’s nerve


Idiom:  lose one’s nerve

  • to not have the courage to do something anymore
  • to be so afraid of doing something you had planned to do that you decide not to do it

Example sentences

— I was going to ask Sarah to dance but I lost my nerve and now some other guy is talking to her.

— I signed-up for the competition because I was afraid I’d lose my nerve and never practice if I didn’t have a serious reason to do it.

— I raised my hand to ask a question in class but immediately lost my nerve and put my hand back down.

— My son wanted to apply to an Ivy league college but lost his nerve because he was afraid to ask a teacher to write a recommendation.

— You better drop the application in the mail before you lose your nerve.

— Unfortunately, my daughter lost her nerve to get married during the ceremony.

— Two people had already jumped out of the plane but both my husband and I lost our nerve to skydive.

— Every time you lose your nerve and quit, it will be harder and harder the next time.

— Ugh! My boss lost his nerve again to ask the CEO to give us a raise.


  • chicken out
  • freeze up
  • run scared
  • wimp out
  • get cold feet
  • pull out
  • cop out
  • throw in the towel

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