Idiom:  lose one's edge


Idiom:  lose one's edge

  • to no longer have the skills or ability to be as successful as before

Example sentences

— He used to be the best golfer but after he got married he lost his edge.

— If you don't continue to practice the piano you'll start to lose your edge. 

— I feel like I’m losing my edge with the ladies. Do you think I should start covering up my gray hair?

— I practice speaking by having a podcast, otherwise I might lose my edge in public speaking.

— What do you recommend I do you doing this summer to make sure I don’t lose my edge before next season?

— I lost my edge while I was out on maternity leave so I’m going to do some volunteer projects before I look for another job.

— Last year‘s Olympic gold-medalist seems to be losing her edge and the press is speculating she may retire at the end of the year.

— Just when you thought Mariah Carey lost her edge she comes out with another award-winning record.

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