Idiom:  leave something open


Idiom:  keep / leave something open

  • to keep something possible or available

Example sentences

— Can you please leave the 15th-16th of December open for a possible management meeting?

— We want to leave the itinerary open for now while we think of the exact places we want to visit.

— I'm leaving all of next week open in case someone cancels and I can see Dr. Johnson.

— Please keep the schedule open next week for interviews for the new receptionist.

— I can't keep the meeting room open forever. Will you need it on Friday?

— Leave the afternoon panel discussion open until we find a moderator.

— Could we keep the agenda open until the end of the week?

— I left the date open the last time and they didn't even have to courtesy to call so I'm not doing that again.

— Yes, we can keep the waiting list open if people want to put their names on it.

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