Idiom:  leave out someone/something


Idiom:  leave out someone/something

  • to not include someone or something

Example sentences

  • Do you realize you left your brother out of the invitation list for Thanksgiving dinner?
  • I was left out the committee again this year even though I said I wanted to volunteer.
  • Please leave out these figures from the report—they’re not very important.
  • This soup is really bland. Did you leave out the salt or something?
  • I'd leave this comment out of the letter if your want to reach a compromise.
  • We were left out of the directory again this year! I'm sure it was intentional.
  • No one wants to invite Sloane to lunch but it would be rude to leave her out.
  • Why were these photos left out of the sales listing? Photos are as important as the description.
  • I left out the walnuts this time since lots of kids have allergies to nuts.
  • Our biggest donor was left out of the acknowledgements so we must reprint the program.


  • miss out

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