Idiom:  lead off (something)


Idiom:  lead off (something) / lead something off

  • to start something

Example sentences

We’re going to lead the meeting off with a prayer and the first panel discussion will follow afterwards.

— The first swimmer of our relay team led off the race with a record time of 59 seconds and no one could catch us after that.

Can you confirm who will lead off the meeting and introduce the speakers?

— I wish we had lead the seminar off with a better ice-breaking activity.

— Let's lead off this advertising campaign with a contest to get people to share the message on social media.

— The candidate led the political rally off with the same stupid chant, "Lock her up, lock her up."

— The concert was amazing.  The local band that lead off the opening set was really great.

— The relay team led off with the fast runner to try to get an early lead in the 4 x 100m race.


  • get started
  • get the show on the road
  • make a start
  • swing into action

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