Idiom:  latch onto someone/something


Idiom:  latch onto someone/something

  • to closely follow or be connected to someone, usually as an unwanted companion
  • to enthusiastically take on an idea or trend

Example sentences

  • Whenever we go to the grocery store, my daughter latches onto me because she got lost once before and is really scared of getting separated again. 
  • Whenever I date someone my roommate latches onto any minor issue or bad habit the person has because she's jealous and worried I'll get a boyfriend before her.
  • My little sister latches onto me at school recess and it's so annoying.
  • Our dog latches onto my dad whenever he's home.
  • I just mentioned I might be interested in going to medical school and now my mom has latched onto the idea and is pressuring me to become a doctor.
  • Try to network instead of just latching on to the first person you meet at the conference.
  • Finally, the students latched onto the concept and became excited about the topic.
  • It's so annoying how that girl latches onto me in class just because I spoke to her once for 15 minutes.


  • tag on
  • hang on
  • hitch on

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