Idiom:  lash out


Idiom:  lash out (at someone/something)

  • to angrily criticize or yell at someone/something

Example sentences

— My coach lashed out at me today for being five minutes late to practice and I was shocked at how angry he was.

— Why are you lashing out at me like this? I have no idea you were coming home early today.

— When I walked into the house my husband began to lash out at me so I knew immediately our American Express bill had arrived in the mail.

— My boyfriend is diabetic and the few times he's lashed out at me it's been because his blood sugar level had plummeted.

— If my boss lashes out at me one more time, I'm going to quit on the spot. 

— I want to apologize for lashing out at you earlier. I shouldn't have done that and I'm very sorry.

— I understand you frequently lash out and your parents want us to help you understand where your anger is coming from and help you to manage it better.

— What's wrong with her these days? Why is she always lashing out a people?

— My husband only recently started lashing out at us and I have no idea why.

— Every day, President Trump lashes out at his critics on Twitter.


  • fly off the handle
  • jump down someone's throat
  • tear into someone
  • bite someone's head off
  • rake someone over the coals
  • lay into someone

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