Idiom:  knock someone up


Idiom:  knock someone up (knock up someone)

  • to get someone pregnant

Note:  This is slang. It's an informal expression that has a negative connotation (it is not a polite way to say something).

Example sentences

  • My brother knocked up his wife again—they already have six kids.
  • I always use protection because I’m terrified of knocking my girlfriend up.
  • I got knocked up when I was 15 years old and my parents kicked me out of the house.
  • A:  "Oh my God you're knocked up again?" B:  "Yes, it's your fault so don't act surprised."
  • I thought my life was going to end when I got three girls knocked up at the same time and basically that's what happened.
  • Watch out for the groupies. They're actively trying to get knocked up by musicians so they can get child support for 18 years.
  • I'm so worried my daughter will get knocked up that I've helped her get birth control and educated her thoroughly about sexually transmitted infections.
  • My boyfriend wants me to get knocked up but I'm not ready to have a family.
  • I tried to get knocked up to keep my boyfriend but I'm so glad my plan didn't work.
  • Over there is a special school for teenage girls who get knocked up and still want to continue their educations.
  • "16 and Pregnant" is a stupid reality show about the lives of kids who get knocked up when they're just 16 years old.


  • get someone in trouble

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