Idiom:  knock someone out


Idiom:  knock someone out (knock out someone)

  1. hit someone so hard they become unconscious
  2. make someone go to sleep
  3. to defeat in a sports competition or tournament

Example sentences

Lose consciousness meaning:

— Did you see the boxing match last night? Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao knocked out Ricky Hatton in the second round.

— Last night my dad accidentally knocked my brother out with a baseball bat when he tried to sneak in the house at 2:00 AM.

— I got knocked out when a light fell on my head at the concert when I was 17. We sued and received a $3.4 million settlement.

— The smell of decaying bodies was so strong that it knocked out one of the first responders who arrived on the scene.

— When my son got in a fight at school he accidentally knocked out his teacher when she was trying to stop the fight.

— All I remember is doing shots at the bar and I guess the alcohol knocked me out after a few drinks.

— Don't worry, we will knock you out during the medical procedure so you won't feel or be aware of anything.

Make someone go to sleep meaning:

— Doctor, can you please give my wife something that will knock her out tonight so we can both get some sleep?

— Yesterday, at 7:00 PM I took some cold medicine and it knocked me out until 7:00 AM the next morning.

Defeat another team in a competition meaning:

— The Washington Nationals baseball team just knocked out the best team in the league in the World Series.

— Maria Sharapova was knocked out in the second round of Wimbledon.

— We were awful this year. We got knocked out in the first race of the competition.


lose consciousness/fall asleep meaning:

  • black out
  • pass out

defeat in a competition meaning:

  • blow out
  • beat out
  • edge out
  • dispose of
  • put out
  • shut out

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